Project Vision
The planning efforts for New Brighton Exchange go back to the 1980’s. In fact, the City of New Brighton Comprehensive Plans dating back nearly 30 years ago discussed the Old Highway 8 Corridor and the desire for it to be redeveloped with specific characteristics. The City underwent an extensive visioning process starting in the early 2000’s.  The purpose of the visioning process was to establish design guidelines for the New Brighton Exchange redevelopment area.  

This visioning process produced design guidelines in 2005 that discussed building placement, exterior building materials, pedestrian scale, parking, street design, etc. Eventually in 2007 these design guidelines were codified into their own Zoning District. These design guidelines established in 2005 coupled with the Zoning District established in 2007 together provide the regulations that drive the preferred look, feel, and function of New Brighton Exchange.

Framework Plan

Over the years, a Framework Plan has been established that outlines how certain blocks are intended to be developed. Below is the most recent version of this Framework Plan.