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Environmental History

Past land uses contaminated soil and shallow groundwater in several areas within New Brighton Exchange. These land uses included an asphalt plant, oil refinery, an industrial solvents reycling company, a construction and household debris dump, a truck terminal, and two rendering plants. Further complicating the environmental conditions is the plume of contaminated groundwater from the Twin Cities Army Ammunition Plant (TCAAP), which flows underneath large areas of New Brighton.

Through a lot of effort, the City and its environmental consultant, Barr Engineering, worked closely with the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency to develop and implement clean up plans specific to the types of land uses projected to develop within New Brighton Exchange. To date, most environmental conditions have been remediated in a manner consistent with approved clean up plans and the land is ready for development.

Because New Brighton Exchange is nearly 100 acres in total land area, the City developed an Alternative Urban Area-Wide Review (AUAR). The AUAR is an environmental document that examines the cumulative impact of development. This document was originally developed in 2002. By law, this document must be updated every five years. The AUAR has recently been updated in 2012, and can be viewed online here.

For a more detailed environmental history, visit the City of New Brighton website.