Community Demographics

Population Growth

Population growth is New Brighton was rapid during the 1960’s, increasing 202 percent from 1960 to 1970.  However, during the 1970’s, the population of New Brighton slowed down to just 19 percent.  During the 1980’s, growth decreased to an annual rate of -106 persons per year and in the 1990s New Brighton experienced no additional growth.  New Brighton’s 2010 population was estimated at 22,700 by the Metropolitan Council, projecting to grow to 22,800 by 2030.


Nearly 64 percent of the housing stock within the City of New Brighton is single family residential, whether it be detached or attached housing.  Multiple family residential housing (10+units) makes up 29.5 percent of the housing stock.  The remainder includes manufactured housing at 3.6 percent, and townhomes (2-9 units at 3.1 percent).  The total number of New Brighton households in 2010 was 9,400, estimated to grow to 10,000 by 2030.  The average household size is 2.35.

Age Characteristics

The median age in New Brighton is 37.  This is older than the median age of all of Ramsey County, which is 33.7.


Of New Brighton residents 25 or over, approximately 93 percent of New Brighton’s population has attained a high school diploma or higher and nearly 41 percent have attained a college bachelor’s degree or higher.  For comparison purposes, 87.6 percent of Ramsey County’s population age 25 and over have attained a high school degree and 34.3 percent have attained a bachelor’s degree or higher.


The most common occupation category within New Brighton’s labor force is manufacturing at 21%, following by management, professional, and related fields at 18%.  Health and social assistance occupations are at 13%.  The Minnesota Department of Employment & Economic Development estimates 9,019 jobs exist in New Brighton for 2011, growing to 15,600 by 2030.


According to the Metropolitan Council, the median household income in New Brighton in 2010 was $53,600.  This is higher than the median household income in all of Ramsey County, which is $51,900.  Per capita personal income is estimated at $30,100.

All of the above information was obtained from the 2000 Census, the Metropolitan Council, or the Minnesota Department of Employment & Economic Development.  This information will be updated as 2010 Census data for the City of New Brighton becomes available.